Motion Design

Client: Pillow Cube
Working from a script and style guide, I produced and animated these two ads.

The client was working from a recent rebrand so I also did some logo animation tests for different aspect ratios.
Since the logo was designed so that the top part of the P looks like a smiling head resting on a pillow, I decided to animate a ball bouncing to show the excitement someone would have as they jump into bed to relax their head on the Pillow Cube.

I also played with morphing the P into the Logotype in the logo animation for a vertical aspect ratio.

Another interesting challenge was animating 2D extruded shadows. While it would have been easy to animate 3D or 2.5D extruded shadows, it wouldn't stay true to the brand and the look of the of the extruded logo.

I knew that I could get a 2D extruded shadow using an echo or cartoon motion blur effect. The next step was to animate the speed of the text to control the length of the extrusion. I used expressions to exactly offset the position of the text so that the text would appear stationary and only the drop shadow would change length. I then used masks to separate out each word and offset their animation.

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