Motion Design

Client: Creatably

How do you communicate an abstract idea like disruptive marketing in a visually engaging way?
A ball creating chain reactions by falling, pulling, and bouncing off of gears and pulleys in a Rube Goldberg-like machine was a fun way to communicate the spreading of ideas and information that occurs in disruptive marketing.

This project was a blast to work on because I loved coming up with different contraptions the ball could interact with. I did all design, animation, and sound design for this project.

4:1 pulley system

Animating the ball as it ricocheted off the circular "pop" bumpers was difficult, but really satisfying

Deleted Scenes

Not all completed animation makes the final cut. Here are some sections I decided to cut after paying close attention to where the video lost viewers attention.

"You might hire professional videographers who know how to make beautiful videos, but don't know how to drive revenue. And your viral strategy is coming from someone who keeps saying they have an idea for a viral video, despite never having made a video that actually went viral."
"Spot on"
"Working in unison"
"And come from a team who has expertise in all three areas"

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